Client Consults


Kate can instantly clarify what messages your intuition is sending you, whether or not decisions in your life are beneficial for your Ideal Path, and how to progress forward to achieve your desired outcomes.

Kate is not a psychic or medium (although her professional energy clients and friends disagree with her on that). Kate reads energy and specializes, as explained on the Start Here page, in your Ideal Path, Protection and Energetic Information. Connecting you to or Reading your Intuition, and Arch Angels.

Examples of some Client Consultation topics:


Is everything lined up in order for you to step forward into success? What is your next step and how do you know it’s the most beneficial step for you?

With a business and financial background and an ability to analyze the energy, Kate has knocked it out of the park in helping clients in situations that just weren’t working correctly.

The success of construction sites, legal cases, shareholder meetings, business reorganizations, sales conferences, charity functions, helping start-up companies, helping entrepreneurs get to the next level – or 10 levels up, and individuals in understanding their own financial options.

Energetically checking contracts and settlement agreements while the lawyers are handling the legalese. This helps make sure the information in them is beneficial in your ideal path, that loopholes are double checked, and that the negotiations will run as smoothly as possible. This alone has saved companies and individuals millions of dollars.

Executives and entrepreneurs have found they have a unique edge up when they are able to tap into the quick, focused, next-step process that Kate brings to the table.

The most frequent questions that Kate receives in regards to relationships are:

1. Should I still go out with the person I’m dating? Are they right for me?

2. What can I do about a friend/family member that is toxic?

3. What do I do to have fun in my relationship again? It seems no matter what I try, it’s not working.

People have said since she was a teenager that it’s as if Kate has the Book of Love for their life. There is no absolute right or wrong in love, there are just choices. What Kate is able to let clients in on are the potential outcomes to each of the options that she sees. It gives clients the ability to make “educated” and pro-active decisions that have resulted in rejuvenated relationships, avoiding huge missteps, and found love.

Have you learned the new energetic techniques in regards to your health? There are scientifically proven techniques that can be incredibly helpful to review, figure out and enhance your health. This is not replacing your healthcare, this is added information unique to your body. Kate teaches clients multiple techniques that have helped them immeasurably with prevention or the next steps in their health.

What words are the most beneficial for you to use when praying, during meditations, or in your mantras? Is the sphere of energy in and around you at it’s optimum to attract your dreams? Kate has worked with religious leaders to world-renowned energists to help answer these questions for them individually. We are all unique individuals and when our energy and our spirituality is at it’s optimum, it is fun, exciting, and incredible.

Decision Making
When you are faced with a difficult decision, which house to buy, which job to take, which college to go to, Kate can read your Ideal Path to easily and quickly determine which option will have the most beneficial outcome and tell you why she is getting the information.

Intuition Information
Kate can read your intuition to determine what adjustments you need to be fully in tune with your intuitive gifts so that you can receive answers to your questions without her help. She can also teach you her own methodology of intuition communication called Body Taps. Body Taps are the messages your intuition sends you to let you know when you are on your Ideal Path or when you are veering off course. There are over 50 types of Body Taps you can receive. Each of them have different meanings. Chances are, you have received Body Taps before but you didn’t know what they were or that there were messages behind them. Decode your Body Taps now.

Life Lessons
Have you ever thought, “Well, that wasn’t ideal but at least I learned something from it.” Life is filled with repetitive cycles, similar to the changing of the seasons. Certain cycles repeat in our lives until we discover what we are supposed to learn from them. Sometimes this pertains to our love lives, the conversation traps we find ourselves in, the friends we attract, family obligations, health problems, and so on. Kate can help you decode the lessons behind the life experiences so that you can grow beyond them.

While most people connect to their intuition quickly, it can take some people a couple of days or even weeks to feel the effects of their intuition. We recommend that you first take Kate’s 10 week course, Discover Your Core Intuition, to solidify your intuitive connection and master the basics before you consult her.

Per Hour plus expenses:


  • $1,100 Hour
  • $550 ½ Hour
  • + Expenses
  • Contact for more information and to schedule an appointment.