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Current Series: The 5-Day BEST LIFE Challenge
A step-a-day method to turn your life around to a direction heading towards YOUR goals. Find out 3 things that so many people are doing that are stopping them in their tracks from reaching their goals.

“Wow, I didn’t even realize I was doing things counterproductive to my goals! This is so simple. Incredible.” Amy B. – Seattle

This course is very interactive with client and is only offered once a year. Any clients that sign-up for courses or free seminars will be notified.

Client Consultations: Powerful and impactful one on one intensives with Kate that can transform your intuitive connection and get you on track.

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By giving you a set of tools that allows you to use your intuition to your greatest advantage.

Kate’s methodology is designed to facilitate higher levels of performance, profitability, time management and streamlined goals. By combining her business acumen with her energetic gifts, she is able to use the most advanced techniques and scientific information to give you the results you are looking for.

Kate is not a psychic or medium (although her professional energy clients and friends disagree with her on that). Kate reads energy and specializes in 4 areas:


Kate can read whether or not you are on your ideal path and, if not, what steps you can take to get there. Many people think of their ideal path as an unattainable lifestyle that is stripped of fun, consisting only of Zen meditation practices. Not true. Your ideal path is unique to YOU, your likes, dislikes, your goals, what you truly want out of life, and what you need to feel valued. This is the life with the least roadblocks between you and your dreams. By opening up your intuition, Kate can help guide you on this path and teach you how to listen to your intuition when making big life decisions for your optimal happiness.

One of the reasons Kate is so good at helping people form strong channels with their intuition is because another one of her specialties is discovering what protections people need. Protections are obviously one of the most important factors when dealing with intuition and energy. They insure that the answers your intuition gives you are truthful and they block out the negativity from the rest of the world. The more you grow in your intuitive abilities, the more protections you need to block yourself from negativity. Because of this, clients often ask Kate what areas of their energy needs tweaking or more protections so that they have a checklist to work on when they visit mediums, psychics, or energy healers.

No matter if you are new to the world of energy or have been working with energy and spirituality for years, there is always another level that Kate can help you achieve to accelerate your life. Kate’s specialty and true passion is helping people open up their intuition and develop a communication system that allows them to ask their intuition questions and receive answers from it instantly.

Kate’s seminar session and book, The Arch Angel Advantage, goes into detail about the 122 Arch Angels that she works with. After gathering information on different Arch Angel’s abilities for over 30 years from people that see them, as well as including her own experiences, Kate’s book expounds on their profound ability to help you based on the way that they appear to you. The number of their wings; what they carry in their hands; the color of their hair, robes, eyes, and auras can all determine what messages the Arch Angel’s have for you and how their gifts can help you. For those that like Angels and Arch Angels, it’s unbelievably useful.